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Pastoral Staff
Bishop Yehiel Curry
Pastor Josh Ebener

Synod Staff
Mr. Tom Anderson
Mr. Jeff Drake
Ms. Mary D. Richardson

Contract Staff
Pastor Sunitha Mortha

Mr. Tom Anderson
Associate to the Bishop
Business Manager
Ph: 773-248-0021 - Extension #220

  • Work with the treasurer of the synod and the Finance Committee to create an annual budget for adoption by the assembly at its June meeting
  • Oversee the purchasing, accounts receivable, and accounts payable functions of the synod maintaining adequate records of all transactions to ensure conformity with GAAP standards
  • Gather or prepare documents as needed for an annual financial audit of the synod
  • Establish and maintain a close working relationship with outside resources for payroll management, insurance coverage, real estate transactions, and investment strategies
  • Prepare, at the request of the treasurer, all reports necessary for clear communication with the the Executive Committee, Synod Council and the Synod Assembly

Mr. Jeff Drake
Associate to the Bishop
Ph: 773-248-0021 - Extension #216

  • Create and maintain all general communication mechanisms for the synod, including the synod website and news publications
  • Work with the bishop to create and review all communications to the general public that represent the "public face" of the synod and the church
  • Work with the communications specialists in the churchwide office to connect public positions of this synod with the work of the ELCA
  • To serve as primary staff contact person for Ecumenical Relations, Social Ministry Organizations, Partner and Companion Synod relationships
  • Relate to Fund for Mission
  • Relate to the Assembly Planning Committee as an advisor on matters of media and communication
  • Maintain pulpit supply list

Ms. Mary D. Richardson
Executive Assistant to the Bishop
Ph: 773-248-0021 - Extension #225

  • Serve as the Executive Administrative Assistant to the bishop
  • Maintain online calendar for the bishop
  • Attend to all official correspondence from the bishop and to the bishop
  • Oversee the maintenance of online and hard copy synod filing system
  • Create a climate of courtesy and hospitality for guests visiting the synod office and for those contacting the bishop by telephone
  • Serve at the behest of the synod secretary as an auxiliary recording secretary at all meetings of the Synod Council and the Executive Committee
  • Relate to the Assembly Planning Committee to insure the orderly preparation and distribution of documents, reports, and general information, and to serve as staff liaison with hotels or other host institutions for the synod assembly

Associate Administrative Assistant / Receptionist
Ph: 773-248-0021 - Extension #210

  • Serve as the Associate Administrative Assistant to the Director for Evangelical Mission
  • Provide initial hospitality for all those contacting the synod office in person or by telephone
  • Provide clerical support for synod staff as needed
  • Staff the Fund for Mission
  • Manage synod database and maintain records for professional roster, and databases
  • Coordinate logistics for call process and changes in status of call
  • Relate to other synods regarding roster transfers
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