Open Hands Open Hearts - Stewardship Initiative


 What is Open Hands Open Hearts?

The Open Hands Open Hearts stewardship initiative grows from the belief that a vital and
growing set of congregations requires fiscal strength and freedom driven by a generosity
overflowing from vital faith and spirituality. How else can we continue in the spirit of
Matthew 28:19,20; Acts 1:8; or Acts 16:9,10?

To help congregations create cultures of generosity we created an Open Hands Open
website built around the six different settings where a congregation teaches
Generosity – Worship, Formation, Caregiving, Outreach, Leadership, and Operations.

The first step in participating is for a congregation to complete a Congregational Assessment. Once completed, the results of the assessment and a password are sent to the congregation. The password provides congregational leaders website access to an extensive menu of resources. This enables the congregation to develop a self-directed – yet strategic – systematic plan of action, including participation in a congregational peer cluster.


 If you have any questions, contact Steve Homberg at or 773-248-0021.

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