Consecration Sunday Guest Leader Training

Be a part of an Emerging Stewardship Program

We have a new need: Consecration Guest Leaders
There is an emerging need within our synod for a new ministry, and we are asking for your help and participation. Over the last few years, many of our congregations have found the Consecration Sunday program to be an effective annual response method. For this reason, we have been receiving an increasing number of requests for Guest Leaders. Our goal is to create a team of 12 Consecration Sunday Guest Leaders.

If you can envision yourself - after participating in training - leading an orientation for members of a congregation Consecration Sunday steering team; conducting a special Leadership Event for congregation church council members, other church leaders, and their spouses; and preaching in the morning Worship Services on Consecration Sunday; this ministry is for you.

Why this is so important to our Church
This important ministry is an integral and essential part of the annual stewardship program, Consecration Sunday, by Herb Miller. According to Eugene Grimm, former ELCA stewardship specialist for Ohio, Consecration Sunday, ". . . is one of the finest stewardship programs ever developed."

Consecration Sunday is a stewardship education program based on our Christian acceptance of God’s unconditional love and our need as stewards of God's Word to make a faith commitment by giving a percentage of our income to God's household, the Church. It is a spiritual growth program that teaches giving as a response to God's love, and part of the worship act. The program focuses on the need of the giver to give, and invites everyone to consider growing in faith through growing one step closer to tithing and beyond in their personal stewardship as a disciple of Christ. The emphasis is not on paying the bills of the church. Instead, members are asked to consider what God is calling them to give in thanksgiving for the blessings they have received. It encourages joyful giving rather than fund-raising to meet a budget.

This annual stewardship emphasis takes place over a period of at least six weeks from an initial meeting of the steering committee to the date of Consecration Sunday. The program involves an Outside Guest Leader who conducts that initial meeting with the steering committee, a special Leadership Event for church council members and other church leaders, and the Consecration Sunday worship services. This Outside Guest Leader is essential in conducting the Consecration Sunday program for several reasons:

  • People work harder,
  • More attention and serious consideration is given to the subject,
  • Congregation members are far less likely to take shortcuts,
  • Fewer mistakes are made since the congregation can "check-in" with the outside leader, and
  • The presence of an outside leader makes a 10 to 30 percent difference in the total results.

What we are asking of you
For those of you who see yourselves in this roll, the synod is willing to:

  1. cover the cost of this and subsequent training events; and
  2. provide you with a copy of Herb Miller's Consecration Sunday program;

in return for a commitment from you to serve as an outside guest leader in our synod at least twice over the next two - three years. Pre-registration is mandatory for participation in the training.



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