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Use the link located above to complete your congregation's 2020 Statement of Intent. If you have any questions about the form, please contact Tom Anderson in the synod office at or 773-248-0021.


A Vision for Mission Support in our Congregations

Through our Stewardship Vision & Plan, the Metropolitan Chicago Synod of the ELCA is passionately and joyfully sharing God’s gifts with its congregations, communities, and members. Learn more about our Vision & Plan for stewardship, and find resources, and programs for, and training for mission support with your congregation.

Our Stewardship Mission.
Called by the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit, we will inspire and equip congregations to nurture all people to passionately and joyfully share all their gifts throughout God’s kingdom.

View the full Vision & Plan - Strategy (PDF)

Mission Interpreters
Volunteers from our congregations tell the story of how our offerings and gifts are transformed into effective ministries. Go.

Environmental Working Group
The Environmental Working Group works toward energy conservation in our congregations. Go.

Our Mission Dollars at Work

Each congregation of the Metropolitan Chicago Synod shares a portion of its budget as undesignated mission support for ministry through the wider church. Over fifty-three percent (53.75%) of the mission support is forwarded to ELCA churchwide ministries, which is then made available to congregations and ELCA-related ministries to fund thousands of efforts, from education to social services, to worship.

What does Mission Support Do?

The chart below shows where this money goes.
Learn more about Where Mission Support Goes

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