Affiliated Mission Communities

Affiliated Mission Communities (AMCs) are a development of the Metropolitan Chicago Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

Intended to respond to a need that is not currently being met by existing structures and programs, Affiliated Mission Communities may take a variety of shapes, depending on the context in which they are developed. Each AMC is defined and developed in close collaboration with both the Metropolitan Chicago Synod, and a host “Incubator Congregation.”

Currently, there are five AMCs in the synod.

  • Urban Acacia is a young adult urban ministry intended to accompany those who exist in the “cracks” between churches. It is their mission to uplift and celebrate authentic local expression, creating space to honor the character of both God and community in the midst of fellowship. Urban Acacia and all of its events and gatherings are built on the 4 Pillars of New-Generational Accompaniment. These four Pillars are the most prominent values observed in the trends that make up this generation: Conversation, Creativity, Activism, and Spiritual Engagement.

    Project ended | See a video about Urban Acacia.

  • Inside-Out Connections: Ex-Offender program addresses the “missed connection” between ex-offenders and congregations by offering a new ministry model, a reproducible methodology, and some new practical resources for creating church-based Inside-Out connection groups designed for and led by ex-offenders. The goal is to create a large, strong network of ex-offenders who are actively involved in the local church, growing in their faith, developing as leaders, and effectively reaching out to other ex-offenders.

    Visit Inside-Out Connections: Ex-Offender online
  • Concordia-Whipple Campus-Multi-Site is Concordia Lutheran Church’s multi-site expansion plan to develop a new worshipping community in the Avondale neighborhood served by Concordia Place, Whipple campus. Concordia developed Concordia Place, Whipple campus, first as a day-care providing early learning, preschool, and after-school programs to a diverse community of families in need of affordable, quality childcare. They then began English as a Second Language (ESL) classes, Senior Wellness programs, and Emerging Leaders teen programs. They have now come full-circle by deciding to have Concordia Place begin a second-site worshipping community of Concordia.

    Visit Concordia on Whipple online.

  • Awake! Time to Rise is a new initiative of Unity Lutheran Church of Berwyn. Awake’s mission is to be a catalyst, helping the community rise in justice, relationship, and leadership. It creates opportunities to inspire the community to rise up with hope and courage in order to make our world a better place. The educational opportunities urge participants to claim their own voice while learning skills that will help create a more engaged and empowered community.

    Visit Awake! Time to Rise online.

  • HTLoop is a ministry of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Lakeview. Since there is no other ELCA congregation downtown, Holy Trinity believed its blend of worship that is traditional, contemplative, innovative, multi-sensory, and user friendly, with preaching that is relevant to contemporary issues and struggles - and its commitment to hospitality, openness, and social justice would find a welcome home in the Loop. A Saturday night service was developed and is held in the South Loop at Grace Place (home of Grace Episcopal Church), one block north of Dearborn Station. This is an ecumenical venture that represents the full communion relationship between the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and The Episcopal Church. Additional partners in this ministry include the Lutheran-Episcopal South Loop Campus Ministry and The Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago.

    Visit HTLoop online.

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