Hunger Ministry

Many congregations within the Metropolitan Chicago Synod have thriving hunger ministries. We seek to support and enable these groups to connect and gather, and to carry out God’s work in their communities.




Invitation to Participate in the Metropolitan Chicago Synod
Million Dollar ELCA World Hunger Challenge


                        Then vice president of the Metropolitan Chicago Synod, ELCA, Ms. Nanette Dahlke,
                        speaking in favor of the resolution challenging the synod to raise a million
                        dollars for ELCA World Hunger between June 1, 2016, and October 31, 2017.
                        The resolution passed unanimously.

Resolution Passed

Meeting in assembly June 10 and 11, 2016, voting members unanimously passed RES. 03-16 To Support ELCA World Hunger, which resolved “that the congregations of the Metropolitan Chicago Synod accept the challenge to raise one million dollars for ELCA World Hunger between June 1, 2016, and October 31, 2017; and that 100% of the offerings from the 2016 and 2017 Metropolitan Chicago Synod Assembly worship services be designated for ELCA World Hunger.”

Together we can meet and surpass this challenge. Voting members received sample resources in their assembly packets, and you can find those items and more here.  

Create your own fundraiser

Visit Team ELCA at to create your own event, design a personal page, and invite support for ELCA World Hunger.

Resources and speakers

  • Visit for a wide variety of resources and ideas.  
  • To schedule a speaker from ELCA World Hunger to speak about the program at your congregation, e-mail Speakers are available to preach, give temple talks, meet with congregational leaders, and lead adult forums or intergenerational events.
  • Bishop Miller's article in the June supplement to "Living Lutheran" really helps capture why the synod is taking part in the challenge to raise $1 million dollars for ELCA World Hunger by October 31, 2017. The article by itself is available here.

Watch Synod's Million Dollar ELCA World Hunger Challenge Video

Bishop Miller has prepared a video highlighting the synod's Million Dollar ELCA World Hunger Challenge and inviting you and your congregation to participate.

There are two versions of the video; one is two minutes and 45 seconds, and one is an extended cut that is six minutes.

Please consider using one of the videos during service announcements, council meetings, hunger team meetings, youth gatherings, and sharing them in other ways.

Thank you.

The shorter version is on Vimeo here.

The extended cut is available on Vimeo here.

Regular updates

The synod office will provide regular updates about progress toward our goal.

Giving by congregations, individuals, and others

The new challenge total for the synod's ELCA World Hunger Challenge is $873,497, June 1, 2016, through August 31, 2017.

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