Telling Our Story

Included here are videos from congregations and partner ministries in the synod.

The Redeemer Story from bthestory on Vimeo.

 Redeemer Chicago is a diverse Lutheran congregation on the west side of the city. It offers young families and twenty- to thirty-year olds a contemporary worship atmosphere and community engagement opportunities. This short film looks at two families and how their lives have changed since joining Redeemer.

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church 

1218 West Addison Street, Chicago, IL 60631
HTLoop (second site)


New Church Rising is the first in a series of brief videos from the Metropolitan Chicago Synod and Bishop Wayne N. Miller. The videos are designed for congregational use to foster discussion about the church. In this installment, the bishop examines the current state of the church, and a vision for the future.

New Church Rising
 from bthecaus on Vimeo.

 BRIDGING THE GAPS from bthecaus on Vimeo.

See the short film BRIDGING THE GAPS. The Metropolitan Chicago Synod is on the front of an innovative movement called "Affiliated Mission Communities," and this story documents the first installment, Urban Acacia. This is the video featured as part of Bishop Miller's report at this year's assembly

View the video.

You can also download the video at the same site to play at worship, council meetings, or as part of other presentations.

Click here to visit the synod's Vimeo page that includes videos from the 2012 and 2013 synod assemblies.






SMSC Mission Trip

Watch video here

The high school youth of St. Matthew Lutheran Church in Avon, Connecticut, and Shekinah Chapel in Riverdale, Illinois, have engaged in a different kind of mission trip.

This year, Shekinah hosted 16 high school students from St. Matthew as the two youth groups lived in community in Chicago, learning, living, and exploring the question, "What does church do in this urban context?"

Next year (2014), the youth from St. Matthew will host students from Shekinah as the two groups will once again enter into community, learning, living, and exploring, "What does the church do in this suburban context?"

This video chronicles the 2013 trip.

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