Completion of Ministry Site Profile

Step Three

The congregation council oversees the completion of a Ministry Site Profile (MSP)

Ministry Site Profile
A Guide to the ELCA Mobility Database System

The Ministry Site Profile form (MSP) provides congregations (single and multiple point parishes) and church-related organizations (schools, social ministry organizations, healthcare institutions, and agencies) a single, common form to use to describe their mission and their search for a rostered leader.

The MSP is filled out by leaders within the congregation or organization, under the guidance of synodical staff.  Once completed and submitted, the MSP will be stored within the ELCA’s mobility database.  "Ministry Opportunities" makes it possible for rostered leaders and others to search the database of MSPs to learn of ministry openings, to read a basic snapshot of information about each opening, and to learn about the appropriate contact person for each call process.

The MSP and Mobility Database System are designed only for searches for those rostered within the ELCA.  It is not intended for searches for other church workers, including lay professionals, non-rostered musicians, or program directors.

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