Parish Administration Initiative

Parish Administration Initiative asks the following questions:

  • Does your congregation struggle to keep up on the latest information regarding legalities, insurance, property management, computers, office equipment, and procedures?  
  • Is your pastor overburdened with administrative tasks instead of being able to focus on ministry?
  • Do you have administrators (paid, volunteer, business administrators, office managers, or secretaries) in your church office who would benefit from the networking, resources, and support of regular contact with other administrators?

Join the Parish Administration Initiative for relief from these common issues.

What is the Parish Administration Initiative?

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A handful of parish administrators in and around Chicago gathered to explore the development of an organization within the Metropolitan Chicago Synod to link and support those involved in Parish Administration. We’ve met and will continue to meet for mutual benefits.

Our goal is to enable the mission of the Church – witnessing, serving, reaching out to people for Christ – by connecting, equipping, and supporting parish administrators so they can manage the church’s resources as effectively as possible, and make things happen.

Topics we are continuing to discuss include:

  • Purchasing
  • Building Use Policies 
  • Computers
  • AED maintenance
  • Church Law
  • Tax Exempt Policies
  • Insurance Vendors
  • Security
  • Record Retention
  • Church Management Software
  • Website Development

Benefits of being linked to our group include:

  • Keeping abreast of complex legal issues that effect the church
  • Networking by phone, meeting, and e-mail with other administrators
  • Saving the church money through better purchasing because
of shared market knowledge
  • Saving research time because of shared expertise
  • Freeing pastors and program staff to do ministry
  • Building up your confidence and credibility as a church administrator
  • Being a better overall steward of the church’s resources, including your own time and efforts
  • You can get beyond bean-counting and gate-keeping to truly equip your church for growth and mission.

For more information about this program, e-mail Jim Valentine or contact him by phone at 847-255-8700, ext. 231.  

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